ADHD Symptoms and Types

Understanding ADHD

Medical experts suggest that ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a behavioral disorder that starts during the early stages of childhood. Patients suffering from ADHD find it hard to concentrate on a simple task without getting distracted. Parents may find it hard to differentiate between children suffering from ADHD and the normal hyperactive and excited child.

ADHD Symptoms and Types

The scientific world believes that ADHD occurs due to a chemical imbalance in the human brain. ADHD occurs more in boys than girls. Since ADHD is hereditary, the chance of developing ADHD is significantly higher if one has a relative who had or has it.

It’s important to know that this disorder can be controlled by use of medication and behavioral therapy. Drugs, such as Adderal and Dexedrine among others are prescribed by doctors to individuals with ADHD.

Let’s breakdown the different types of ADHD and their symptoms:

Predominantly Inattentive

Individuals with this type of ADHD will find it difficult to complete simple tasks or organize simple tasks. They also find it difficult to follow conversation and appear distracted or inattentive.

Some of the common symptoms associated with the inattentive type are:

  • They seem to get bored quickly hence they move on from one task to another before completing the current one.
  • Children with this type of ADHD take a longer time to take in new information in class and also find it hard to organize their thoughts.
  • Individuals with this type of ADHD appear to be careless, as they misplace items, such as car keys, pens and phones.
  • They process information and instructions slower than an average person does.

Predominantly Impulsive

Individuals with this type of ADHD appear to talk a lot and are restless. Some interrupt others, find it hard to follow instructions and wait for their turn. Due to their hyperactive nature, they are more prone to accidents and injuries compared to others.

Let’s look at some of the common symptoms that characterize this type of ADHD.

  • Acting on impulse without considering the consequences of their actions
  • Children with this type of ADHD blurt out answers in class making it hard for them and their classmates to study in a quiet environment
  • They have trouble doing chores or engaging in hobbies in silence
  • Individuals with this type of ADHD are constantly talking or making inappropriate comments
  • Affected individuals will also feel restless and appear squirmy

Combined type

Individuals who suffer from a combination of ADHD symptoms don’t show one predominant type of symptom but rather, they can be predominantly impulsive and predominantly inattentive at different times. In order to be diagnosed with combination ADHD, one must show at least six symptoms of each type.