Alcohol Addiction

The Universal Problem

Drug Addiction is defined by having a dependence on a substance that negatively affects one’s life in both a personal and professional manner. There are limitless types of addictive drugs and substances available on the market today, but perhaps the one substance that dominates all on that list, is alcohol. Alcohol abuse is a universal problem that has many different origin stories. Alcoholism can arise from a number of factors, such as a genetic pre-disposition to addiction, mental health disorders, or could even be a learned behavior by the actions of one’s parents and peers.

Alcohol Addiction

Those who are raised in an environment of heavy drinkers, and those who suffer from anxiety and depression disorders are especially at risk of developing an addiction to alcohol. The question that should be asked when diagnosing an addiction to alcohol is what are the basic signs that someone may have or be forming an addiction?

Alcohol abuse has many signs, but it boils down to behavior, and how the body responds with or without alcohol in the system. Sometimes we all need to relax and blow off a little steam, but those who rely on stress drinking to feel normal are suffering from an addiction. Those who drink so much that they regularly black out are also showing signs of dependence. When one tends to neglect their responsibilities, and also engage in lying and secret drinking are also addicts.

Alcohol abuse is one of the most common societal problems facing the world today, as it is legal and readily available for consumption in most countries, and is idolized in advertising. Heavy drinking and partying are learned and shown in the media as acceptable societal behavior, and those pre-disposed to addiction do not stand a chance if they engage in such activities.

Curbing an addiction is one of the hardest challenges a human being can face in their lifetime, and a dependence on alcohol is no different. But one needs to know the signs in order to overcome such an obstacle. An addiction to alcohol is no laughing manner, and should be taken very seriously on a case by case basis. The health risks and burden it poses to society are enormous, however with the right help and right steps taken, it can be prevented.