Diabetes Treatment

Aggressive Diabetes Treatment May Help Avoid Future Complications

Millions of people around the world have Type 2 diabetes. Many can go for years with blood glucose levels that are too high but are not causing significant symptoms that cause them to seek treatment. Diabetes can lead to significant complications such as blindness, kidney failure, heart disease and nerve damage called neuropathy. A study titled “Epidemiology of Diabetes Interventions and Complications” has shown that aggressively treating diabetes can help to prevent complications from developing later on.

Diabetes Treatment

Many discover that their fasting blood glucose levels and Hemoglobin A1c tests are not within normal limits after a routine blood panel is done during a visit to the doctor. The typical symptoms for Type 2 diabetes such as lethargy, increased thirst and urination may have prompted a visit to the doctor. In the early stages of the disease, a person can usually manage as normal for a long time even with quite high blood glucose levels. However, for every moment this is occurring, damage is being done.

It is important to get proper diabetes support in the form of a healthcare team that can monitor nutrition, proper exercise and physiological issues associated with the disease and can also prescribe appropriate medications. A diabetes meter (glucometer) for daily home testing is recommended for everyone who is experiencing blood glucose values outside of normal ranges. Daily testing before and two hours after meals can reveal much more to a doctor than a simple A1c test that is a record of average control over the last three months.

If complications such as peripheral neuropathy have begun, diabetes neuropathy feet treatment can help control the pain and even prevent injuries that could lead to amputation later on. Patients who have been prescribed insulin by injection or through insulin pump therapy may benefit from diabetes supply companies that offer good deals on diabetes treatment and testing supplies that may not be available at a local pharmacy.

Treating diabetes in an aggressive manner holds the goal of keeping blood glucose levels as normal as possible for the longest amount of time. Of course, there are going to be times that diabetes control is lacking. It often occurs during illness such as when suffering with a cold. However, the overall picture of long-term control of diet, exercise and medication to keep blood glucose levels within normal ranges can help to prevent the development of or at least delay the onset of diabetic complications.