Drug Addiction

What You Need To Know About Addiction

Addiction is not a new problem, and evidence shows that addiction was present even during biblical times. Research shows that one in four people have a relative that is addicted. The cost of alcohol and drug abuse treatment is over $200 billion dollars. Lost productivity, premature death, illness and health care costs are all part of this picture. There are also costs associated with drunk driving and motor vehicle accidents, crime and incarceration.

Drug Addiction

Personal development, family relationships and employment opportunities are disrupted by the addiction. Physical health issues often present itself in the form of disease. Someone is who addicted may be lying to themselves when they say they want help for drug addiction. Mental health issues also present themselves in drug addiction. There is a loss of control when someone experiences substance abuse that causes many additional problems.

What Causes Addiction?

Most people who are suffering from addiction started out without the intent on becoming addicted. Mood altering substances offer the chance for some people to escape the everyday cares of life. People have a positive experience when drinking alcohol or experimenting with drugs and they gradually become addicted. This is why medical professionals try to influence young people to stay away from experimenting with drugs and alcohol.

Many people grew up watching their parents drink alcohol to relax after a hard day at work. Kids get the message that using alcohol or drugs is the way to feel better. The availability of drugs and alcohol is also an open door for experimentation. Peer pressure is a strong motivator for impressionable, young teenagers. Kids learn that drugs and alcohol is the way to have a good time at parties. There are many other reasons such as psychological trauma and family issues where mood-altering drugs seems like a great escape.

Recovery Methods

There is a point when the addiction makes a person feel as though they have hit rock bottom. They come to the realization that drugs or alcohol no longer is the solution to their problems. They have tried to cut down but without success. This is the point where family members or the person addicted decides to get help from a rehabilitation center. Some addicts are forced to get help through the court system, their job or other reasons. Addiction treatment centers not only help the addict with withdraw, but they also help them make lifestyle changes that are positive.