Erectile Dysfunction

What Do You Need to Know About Erectile Dysfunction?

Our society is obsessed with men and their sexual prowess, and you will find that if you feel that you are lacking in this department that it can feel like a very humiliating lack. The truth of the matter is that all men experience erectile dysfunction at some point or another, and in many cases, it is entirely treatable. Take a moment to learn more about this condition and what to do about it.

Erectile Dysfunction

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

When you are looking at the condition itself, it is typically described as the failure to establish or maintain an erection. The condition might also refer to the issue of orgasming too quickly. Erectile dysfunction is very much a personal thing; if your performance in the bedroom is satisfactory for you, that is all that matters, and any doctor will tell you the same.


One of the most common sources of erectile dysfunction is eagerness. This is a type of erectile dysfunction that most commonly affects young men. Due to over stimulation, lack of experience or a long period of time between sex partners, a man might be over eager and quick. This can be nerve-wracking or embarrassing, but there are things that can be done for it. Some experts talk about masturbating beforehand to reduce both the sensitivity and the nervousness.

Stop and Start

If the issue is that the man in question is coming so soon, many sex therapist recommend a stop and start method. When a man feels as though he is getting too close to orgasm, he draws back from his partner and takes a breather. When the feeling has subsided, the intercourse resumes. This is a good way to prolong sex play and also to provide both partners with a sense of gratification.

Psychological Health

Mental issues can affect a man’s performance in bed, and this is something that can provide a huge stumbling block. There are therapists and counselors who can help; there are even people who specialize in this kind of treatment. In some cases, anxiety and stress can reduce a man’s ability to perform, as can pass trauma. Making sure that these issues are treated can help reduce or even eliminate the issues of erectile dysfunction.

Take a moment to think about your feelings on erectile dysfunction and how they interact with your life. Erectile dysfunction is a thing that can color your life, so think about treating it sooner rather than later.