Natural Birth Control Methods

A Few Natural Birth Control Methods

More and more women are using contraceptive measures to take control of their lives, which is understandable, yet times are changing. Natural living is starting to affect every area of a woman’s life, which is the reason many are looking for natural birth control options, and the following are some of the most effective ones.

Natural Birth Control Methods

Track Your Cycle

One natural birth control method is to track your fertility cycle by using a calendar. What you want to do is mark the days you are menstruating on the calender, and use this information to predict when you are going to be most fertile.

Most women are fertile 12 to 16 days before their periods begin or five days after. The point is to make sure you abstain from sex during those days. You might not want to eliminate sex those few days, but it better than abstaining from sex altogether.

Be Aware of Temperature Changes

The next way to prevent unplanned pregnancies is to use the fertility awareness method that uses temperature and your ability to be aware of your body’s changes. A woman’s body heats up after ovulation, and it stays like that for some time.

This change can be tracked, and it can reveal when you are ovulating so that it can be successfully anticipated. What you want to do is measure your body’s temperature before getting up in the morning using a basal thermometer. Your body will only heat up about 0.4 to 1 degree Fahrenheit the moment you start to ovulate. Tracking these changes should reveal the slight increase in body heat, which tells you when to avoid having sex.

Observe Your Cervical Mucus

Another natural method that you can use to prevent pregnancy is to track your cervical mucus. You have probably noticed that slippery egg white mucus that forms in the vaginal region. You may experience a moment of dryness approximately five days after your menstruation. Your vaginal secretions will gradually change after that, usually within nine days.

The egg white-like substance is going to be slippery, clear, and stretchy when it is at its peak. A woman can conceive easily within one to two days after that. Keep in mind that sperm can live three to five days within the woman’s cervical fluid, meaning you should add these extra days to your plan.

Sterility Through Herbs

Women do not always need to track their menstrual cycles to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Countless cultures in the past and in today’s modern age rely on herbs to prevent pregnancies. The Dakota Indian tribes use an herb called Stoneseed root. They seep the herb in water for a few hours before drinking that herb-infused water.

Other cultures rely on thistles, which creates a very bitter tea but can be sweetened using things like honey or maple syrup. Other women use Wild Carrot Seeds as a natural ‘morning after’ pill. A woman can take a teaspoon of carrot seeds after having relations and continue use for seven days after that. You can talk to your herbalist about other methods that you can try. You can purchase these types of herbs online or at your local health food store.

Hopefully, these suggestions help ensure that you plan out your life better through natural means. No one should be forced to take pills or other forms of birth control options that come with questionable ingredients that could be doing more harm than good.