Nerve Pain

How To Manage Your Pain

Pain is described as an undesirable experience that affects tissues and nerve that may result from disease or injury. Damaged tissue is often the source, but in some cases, there seems to be no apparent cause. The search for a cure for pain goes back to ancient times. Acute and chronic are the two types of common pain reported by medical professionals. The body acts as an alarm to alert you of the possibility that something is wrong.

Nerve Pain

Causes of Nerve Pain

There are varieties of typical causes for nerve pain including cancers, diabetes, shingles and physical injuries. More examples include multiple sclerosis, heart disease, vitamin deficiencies and alcoholism. For some people, there seems to be no apparent reason for their nerve pain. Living with nerve pain can cause many problems that may affect your job or personal relationships.

Nerve damage may occur during sports injuries and cause light-headedness and other symptoms. Bladder dysfunction and disease may also cause pain. Many people also report that sexual dysfunction is the cause for their pain. As you can see, there are many different causes of pain.

Treatments for Chronic Pain

Management of pain is the only solution since there is no cure for chronic pain. Acute pain will normally go away once damaged tissue heals. Millions of people suffer from chronic pain throughout the world. Chronic pain is now recognized as a disease worthy of clinical treatment and scientific investigation. Clinical trials contribute to the medications that are developed throughout the world by pharmacy laboratories.

Researchers are always searching for new treatments and drug therapies to manage chronic pain. Acute pain is much easier to manage since doctors prescribe medication that targets the affected injury site. Chronic pain requires different types of pain medication that poses the threat of addiction. That is why chronic pain sufferers are always on different types of medications. There are also injections that are successful with some types of pain.

There is currently no known drug that cures chronic pain. Medications are effective at reducing the amount of pain you may have. The problem with medication is the fact that there are side effects such as nausea and constipation. There are also severe side effects that may require hospital admission. Many doctors prefer to try other forms of treatment before relying on medicine. Most doctors recommend physical therapy for a patient’s first course of treatment with medication being a lower priority.