Preventing Dry Eyes

How to Prevent Dry Eyes

No one enjoys suffering from dry eyes, but it’s almost impossible to prevent it completely. It will happen to most people at least once or twice, but knowing what causes dry eyes, how to recognize the signs of dry eyes, and learning how to prevent dry eyes before they become worse helps people live much more comfortable lives. There’s not much you can do about every cause of dry eyes, but a few are easily predictable and even more easily prevented when you think to plan ahead. If you’re looking to prevent dry eyes, here are a few ways to do just that.

Preventing Dry Eyes

Don’t Age

This isn’t advice you can take literally, but aging does increase your chance of developing dry eyes. The body does some strange things the longer it’s been around, and this is one of those things. Eyes produce fewer tears as they get older, which means it might become a regular thing once you reach your 40s and 50s or even after that. Since you can’t slow down or stop the aging process from doing this to your tear ducts, you can just head it off before it gets too bad. Artificial tears can be carried around in your handbag or pocket. They can be inserted into the eyes multiple times each day, and putting a few drops in each morning is a great way to prevent dry eyes when age is the culprit.

Steer Clear of All Smoke

If you just love the fireplace or a good bonfire complete with marshmallows for roasting, this won’t be an easy task. You can, however, stop smoking or spending time with people who smoke. It’s bad for your eyes. Staying away from smoke and fire is one way to prevent dry eyes from occurring, though you might want to throw this rule out the window when the fall and winter seasons approach and football games are followed by backyard fires. Just bring the artificial tears along.

Wear Sunglasses

Wind and sunlight can cause eyes to dry out quickly. If you plan on exposing yourself to either, do yourself the grand favor of bringing sunglasses. They can stop the wind from hitting you in the eye and drying them out. It can also block the sun, which is another way to irritate dry eyes. If you wear contact lenses, remember to take them out each night to allow them time to moisturize and for your eyes to breathe.

When to Worry

If you have dry eyes sometimes, it’s not a big deal. Almost everyone hast his problem on occasion, but it’s not something you should live with regularly. If you haven’t aged too much but your eyes are dry, call the doctor. You might find he or she is willing to run a few tests to be sure there isn’t something more serious going on. Dry eyes are associated with a few different health conditions, and it’s best to find out whether these are a valid concern if they’re bothering you without much relief.

Your doctor is going to help you find the best artificial tears, and he or she can provide you with some suggestions as to dealing with dry eyes in the meantime. You might find some artificial tears work more comfortably for you than others, and you might find out you prefer to simply avoid the things that work as triggers for you. You don’t have to live with dry eyes, so take these suggestions to heart and make them work for you.